This programme is ideal for anyone looking to do a 2 day cleanse every week for a month.

This KIT includes:

  • 32 x 500 ml Cold Pressed Juices (WIDE SELECTION of all flavours on production that day)
  • 8 x 50 ml Ginger Shots
  • The Juice Works Cleansing Guide

Please remember to place your order AT LEAST 48-72 hours before you are planning to start your 5:2 cleanse.

If you wish to have it shipped, we will shipped all 4 weeks at once  unless you have requested it any other way. If you rather have it delivered weekly, please note you will be paying the shipping fee 4 times.

Always notify us of any allergens.

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230.00 (Inc VAT) or 218.50 (Inc VAT) / month

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