Chocolate, sugar and sweets bring the world together, don’t they? As you know I am a big advocate for clean eating, but unfortunately many people think it can be boring, tasteless and bland… so I’m on a mission to prove them WRONG!


*please NOTE that the oil used is THERAPEUTIC GRADE ESSENTIAL OIL … and not just any regular oil.. I only use DO TERRA brand as they are apt for consumption (as well as a massage or treatment oil). Im sure you can substitute this with peppermint essence from the supermarket..I just rather the oil.



Chocolate layer

130 g cacao butter

50 g raw cacao powder

3 tbs agave

1/2 tsp pink salt



40 g cashew nuts (soaked over night)

1 tsp spirulina or wheatgrass powder

2 tbsp lucuma powder

100 g caco butter

2 tbsp agave

10 drops of peppermint essential oil (DO TERRA brand)

100 g pistachio nuts (or any other nut)


Grab a large shallow tray and put tinfoil on top. Melt the cacao butter au bain marie and add the raw cacao powder. Take off the heat and add salt and agave. Spread this over the tinfoil and let it set in the fridge for 20 min. In the meantime again using bain marie (double boiler), melt cacao butter in same way… add it to a blender with all the green layer ingredients (except pistachios). Pour over the chocolate layer and sprinkle crushed pistachios on top.. let it set for 20-30 min in the fridge..then break into pieces and enjoy!!


Let me know how it turns out!